MA Show 2020

Welcome to my virtual MAFA (Masters in Fine Art) show.

The following pieces will also be shown in the MAFA degree show in July 2020 at the University of Brighton. Due to the current situation the show will be online only.

Untitled ( I wish I could hug you again!) – May 2020

This piece is about life and death. It’s about loneliness. It’s about loosing someone. The use of paper compares the fragility of that material with our own vulnerability as human beings. This piece lives on my back garden and these photographs are taken at different times – from most recent to the conception of the piece. Even though the material is very fragile, after more than a month outdoors in all types of weather the piece is still in it’s original place and recognisable. Meanwhile the empty chair next to it has almost been covered by greenery. Below are the pictures from May 2020 (when it was made) to now July 2020.

July 2020

June 2020

May 2020

Untitled ( But I do Love you!) – June 2020

This piece was created in June 2020 and it’s about love and how some people come into your life and, even though they no longer there, they still remain in your heart!

Hope! – March 2020

This piece was created at the time when the University was about to close due to COVID-19. This piece was installed but was never shown to the public therefore I am including it in the degree show. As the title suggests, it is relevant now as it was then.

Proposed piece for room 128

Untiled (I love you!)

This piece was shown in October 2019. I would like to reproduce it again in the degree show. It’s a piece about love and embrace.

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